Joe Calzaghe - Making of his 'life' story - dvd 2008


Integral Productions, Liverpool, hired Amanda to work on set whilst shooting and recording a new dvd (released November 2008) for Joe Calzaghe. 


Amanda says 'It was a real pleasure working with Joe and his family.  I had to make over Joe as if he'd been boxing for at least 10 rounds.  Making sure that sweat droplets formed perfectly on the face using makeup, serum, water and vaseline.  Everything had to be just right for the recording.  Pretty difficult to do at times when working with water however the director, Mike from Integral Productions seemed really pleased with the finished results.  A stuntman arrived to choreograph a scene between Joe Calzaghe and Kerry Hope.  Everyone was very professional and a great time was had by all, a brilliant day!


First Scene Preparation and briefing- Joe Calzaghe with Amanda and Mike (Director)


Scene - Shooting!


Scene  - Preparing to fight!